OTT® - Oncological Training and Exercise Therapy

It used to be the rule for cancer patients that they should take it easy and be exposed to as little movement as possible.

This thinking is out of date. Today, doctors and scientists are convinced of a positive connection between physical activity and the physical and psychological constitution of cancer patients. The knowledge gained in recent years has greatly changed the role of exercise and training therapy in oncology. Today it is regarded as an integral part of the treatment concept of an oncological patient.


Oncological Training and Exercise Therapy (OTT®) is a personalized and individual exercise therapy concept guided by certified therapists that cancer patients can use to train before, during and after medical therapy. OTT® was developed over the course of several years by the research group 'Oncological Exercise Medicine' as part of the scientific cooperation between the CIO Cologne, the Cologne University Hospital and the German Sport University Cologne. 


MYAIRBAG - Bringing OTT® close to patients' homes

The MYAIRBAG -Training gegen Krebs GmbH (training against cancer) has been created in cooperation with the University Hospital Cologne to ensure that OTT® is not only integrated in hospitals and clinics, but widely implemented in private physiotherapeutic practices and movement training centres. 


Our main goals:  

  • Offer oncological patients the possibility of personalized (individualized) training and exercise therapy OTT® at their place of residence and thus close existing supply gaps in movement therapy offers for cancer patients!
  • Train physiotherapists and sports therapists in private practice on the most important and relevant topics in exercise therapy in theory and practice and certify them as OTT® therapists.
  • Spread scientific knowledge and content of oncological training and exercise therapy (OTT®) and thus create comprehensive expertise.
  • Create scientific locations, care models and structures nationwide through an allocation management between oncologists, treating doctors, licensed health partners and patients.
  • Change thinking and end stigmatization.
  • Support the research group ‘Oncological Exercise Medicine’ at the CIO Cologne so that further research can be made possible.

Latest developments

Ott® - Training and Exercise therapy

myairbag GmbH

  • Over 700 randomized and controlled studies prove the effects of OTT® in oncological patients.
  • The patients' quality of life increases - OTT® is therefore highly effective and quality assured.
  • Evidence is shown in several German S3 guidelines (including S3 LL supportive therapy in oncological patients).
  • The German Cancer Society is currently implementing its own S3 guideline "Exercise Therapy in Oncology".
  • OTT® is on its way into the sustainable, comprehensive care structure for cancer patients. 
  • >30 physiotherapist practices have been welcomed as licensed OTT®-partners.
  • 58 OTT® therapists have been certified by MYAIRBAG since 2019.
  • Our portfolio now includes OTT®-Partners all over Germany (see this map of our partners).
  • We have started training therapists in Austria and Switzerland
  • First contacts were made to further our international expansion (South Africa).

OTT® Certificate Training



To ensure that the personalized and controlled exercise programs can be designed and carried out at the highest level and are always based on the latest scientific findings, qualified training is required for therapy personnel. These training courses are a prerequisite for being integrated into oncological care and to benefit from referral management.


OTT® certificates can only be issued upon presentation of valid proof of meeting the requirements for participation. The term "OTT®" is a legally protected trademark. Upon successful completion of the “OTT® advanced training course”, the participants may use the term “licensed OTT® therapist” for two years. The OTT® license may be extended by participating in an OTT® refresher course.




The one-week training qualifies the participants for oncological training and exercise therapy (OTT® certificate after an examination at the end of the training, valid for 2 years). The training comprises 60 units.


  • Medical basics of oncology
  • The OTT® concept
  • Diagnostics and assessments
  • Exercise therapy in light of cancer entities
  • Exercise intervention under chemotherapy, radiation, pre- and post-operative situation, hormone and antibody therapy and other medication in the clinical setting of a cancer center
  • Exercise therapy in oncological physiotherapy & sports therapy
  • Exercise intervention in advanced disease
  • Billing, fees, remuneration and inclusion in the oncological allocation structure



  • Fatigue
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Cachexia
  • Incontinence
  • Lymphedema
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthralgia
  • Side effects of anti-hormone therapy


Jörg Geppert

managing Director

Victoria Stickler


Jörg has been an entrepreneur since 1998. His head is always full of ideas. As managing director of MYAIRBAG, he benefits from his previous work as a social insurance specialist at a large health insurance and his additional education as a trainer for social psychological training. Jörg lives in Dresden, Cologne and on the island of Elba.



Victoria has been managing the operational business of MYAIRBAG since 2020. As part of her master's degree, she researched exercise therapy in cancer treatment in Vienna, Rome, Cologne and Denmark and then specialized in OTT®. Victoria was trained as one of the first OTT® therapists. The native Austrian lives in Cologne.





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